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            Lance Grossman Designer Goldsmith

unique gold/silver Jewellery unique gold/silver Jewellery Silver 135e each 168790830 Silver 168790831 Silver 168790832 silver 150e 168790833 Fresh Water and Tahitian Blister Pearls 168790834 Silver 168790835 Silver 168790836 Silver 168790837 Silver with Zebra Agate 168790838 Silver Fresh water Black Pearl ?75 for the set 168790841 Silver rings with Onyx and Mother of Pearl 168790842 Silver 168790843 Bracelets with Agate, Pearl and Onyx Beads, From ?95 168790844 Silver rope effect necklace 195e 168790845 Beautiful Tahitian black pearls with 18ct diamond set black pearl drop 1500e 168790846 18ct rose gold & white gold with mother of pearl and diamonds, Price starting at 275e 168790847 18ct rose gold, mother of pearl and diamond pendant 675e 168790848 Silver Mesh Bracelets and Necklace 168790850 Silver Onyx Collection 168790851 Silver 168790852 assorted natural stone pendants set in silver on silver cables 168790853 silver lattice over mother of pearl 168790854 Silver and black onyx bracelet 168790856 Silver 168790857 194085363

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